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OFTEC Equipment Directory

If you’re looking for oil-fired cooking or heating appliances, oil tanks or any other associated equipment for oil-fired appliances, the OFTEC Equipment Directory allows you to find manufacturers and products recognised by OFTEC.
OFTEC’s Equipment Directory contains full details of:

• Manufacturers that are current members of OFTEC
• Products that have obtained OFTEC licence approval and carry the OFCERT© logo

The directory is updated frequently and is available complete or in part as downloads below.

PDF iconContents

PDF iconManufacturers' List

PDF iconSection 1 Floor Standing Appliances

PDF iconSection 2 Wall Mounted Appliances

PDF iconSection 3 Hearth & Fireplace Appliances

PDF iconSection 4 Cooking Appliances

PDF iconSection 5 Warm Air Appliances

PDF iconSection 6 Used Oil Heating Appliances

PDF iconSection 7 Oil Burning Equipment

PDF iconSection 8 Flues & Accessories

PDF iconSection 9 Controls

PDF iconSection 10 Polyethylene Oil Storage Tanks

PDF iconSection 11 Steel Oil Storage Tanks

PDF iconSection 12 Oil Line Equipment

PDF iconSection 13 Oil Tank Accessories

PDF iconSection 14 Accessories - Misc

PDF iconSection 15 Environmental Control Solutions

PDF iconSection 16 Solar Thermal Oil Integrated Systems

PDF iconManufacturers' Address List

PDF iconOFCERT Scheme

PDF iconOFTEC Equipment Directory (Whole Document)