Information and advice for anyone who uses heating equipment at home
or work and is off the mains gas network



OFTEC Home Guides and Information Sheets

OFTEC publishes a range of home guides. These provide useful information for users of oil heating, and cover a range of topics including installation, servicing and maintenance, energy efficiency and combining oil with renewable heating systems. OFTEC's home guides are available as free downloads.

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Domestic Oil Storage
About tanks up to 3,500 litre capacity and their location for supplying oil to a single family dwelling

Flues, Chimneys and Ventilation
Requirements for any domestic oil-fired appliance used in the home

Domestic Oil Supply Pipes
Applies to pipework systems supplying kerosene to oil-fired equipment (under 45kW output) serving single family dwellings

Domestic Oil Fired Appliances and Systems
Overview of all oil-fired appliances and general principles relating to them

Why an oil fired boiler should be serviced regularly
How to make sure you remain safe, what happens during a service and advice on carbon monoxide

Workmanship Warranty
Designed to protect you in case there's a problem and the original installer is no longer trading

Oil & solid fuel heating in rented accommodation
How maintenance checks should be documented and when carbon monoxide detectors are required.

'Off the grid' heating
Reliable advice on the best heating system balancing value for money, energy efficiency and overall convenience.

Solid Fuel Appliances
The flickering flames and light from a real fire can be cosy and relaxing but solid fuel boilers and cookers can also provide full central heating.

Solar Water Heating
An increasingly popular supplement to traditional heating systems on domestic properties.

Heat Pumps
Information for those considering the installation of a heat pump for home heating.

Carbon Monoxide Safety
If your appliance is emitting Carbon Monoxide it can be deadly, get to know the warning signs.

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OFTEC consultancy services (info sheet 61) – information about on-site safety inspections, expert advice for legal and professional organisations, and training courses and seminars offered by OFTEC