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OFTEC's strategy for the future of the heating industry

As part of our work to support the off-grid heating industry in the UK and Republic of Ireland, OFTEC undertakes a wide range of lobbying and campaigning work. We contribute to formal consultations issued by government and other industry bodies and work closely with a range of industry partners including the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council and Federation of Petroleum Suppliers.

Our strategy for the future of off-grid heating

In June 2017 OFTEC unveiled its strategy for the future of off-grid heating, based on meeting four key objectives identified by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). These were to:

  • Keep energy bills as low as possible;
  • Ensure the UK has a secure and resilient energy system;
  • Reduce carbon emissions cost-effectively at home; and
  • Avoid unreasonable upfront costs for consumers which could discourage home improvements.

OFTEC believes that these objectives can be achieved via a two-stage approach:

Stage 1 from 2018 - 2022:

  • incentivise the replacement of existing standard efficiency oil boilers with high efficiency condensing appliances through a nationwide boiler replacement programme. This should be supported by mandating heating controls such as functional timers and thermostats when new boilers are installed to further reduce energy use. 

Stage 2 from 2022:

  • introduce a low carbon liquid fuel as a replacement to kerosene.

The benefits of this approach can be summarised as follows:

A complete solution - addresses carbon reduction and energy efficiency simultaneously

Future proof – a workable, realistic option with the later development of a low/ zero carbon fuel enabling homes to radically reduce emissions while continuing to use technology they know and trust

Affordable – the low upfront cost of boiler replacement will encourage high levels of participation

Accessible and easily explained - a boiler replacement payment scheme is easy to understand and the benefit to the purchaser is immediate

Compatible - uses established heat technologies that are easy to install into rural homes without expensive renovation or modification; well-suited to distress purchase situations

Has large-scale deployment potential – the low level of government investment per home required means more households can be supported than by alternative options

Industry buy-in assured - minimised bureaucracy will guarantee support and advocacy from installers which is vital for measures to succeed

Resilient - the supporting installer, servicing and fuel supplier network is already in place

Pragmatic and cost-effective – a high value solution that will give the best result for least cost and return on investment.

To find out more, order a copy of OFTEC’s strategy document.